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Isabella Litchman and Jason Morris

Isabella Litchman (“Belle”) and Jason Morris are an elite Canadian ice dance team who have won several world medals and have owned their national title for five years. Best friends who train in Riverside, California, 21-year-old Belle and 26-year-old Jay have been a pair for seven years and have been best friends almost as long. They are both blonde-haired, blue-eyed and attractive.


Colin Davenport - Colin is a British singles skater who has won several international medals. He is also Isabella’s long-time boyfriend, and a friend of Jason’s.

Wing-Yee Chen - A Chinese singles skater, Wing-Yee Chen has won two world titles and aside from Jason, is one of Belle Litchman’s best friends. She is also Belle’s roommate on the skating tour. However, she is held under tight reign by the Chinese Skating Federation, and wishes to train in the U.S., but cannot.

Elizabeth Chatingneau (“Liz”) - Liz Chatingneau is a tiny, dark- haired pairs skater from Quebec who skates with partner Phil Enterman. Chatingneau and Enterman are professional skaters, and Liz is Belle Litchman’s other best female friend. She is married to Ray Markham, an American pairs skater of lesser renown.

Ross Latimer - Aside from being Jason Morris’ roommate on tour, Ross is also a four-time world champion and Jay’s best male friend. He is also good friends with Colin Davenport.

Other characters mentioned:

Lisa Barrentyne - World-renowned choreographer, director of the skating tour.

Jeff Stratton - Colin’s roommate on tour, a singles skater from Windsor, Ontario.

Phil Enterman - Elizabeth’s pairs partner.

Shelly Tang - An American singles skater, world and national champion.

Jenny Alcott - A Canadian singles skater, national champ.

Montgomery and Milton - Erin Montgomery and George Milton, American pairs champions, two-time world bronze medallists.

Kayla Brooks - A rising star; Canadian national silver medallist.

Laura Bhaer - A German singles skater, world silver medallist

Kirsten Beckman - American ice-dance champion

Dave Follert - Kirsten’s partner

Elena Yashin - Russian ice dancer, world champion; a renowned bitch

Alexei Fedorov - Elena’s partner

Marina Leonovich - Russian ice dancer, world medallist, partner of Sergei Kostantinov

Nancy Dawes - American professional singles skater, Olympic medallist

Gillian Masse - French singles skater, professional, world medallist

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