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Welcome to Imagination. This is my world - I'm assuming that if you're here, you know me, but if you just happened to stumble across my page, well, I'm Y. Imagination is my domain - the world of creativity, of writing, of reading, of drama, of figure skating and my many other passions. There's so much out there that brings imagination to life ... without imagination, what is the world? A pretty dull, colourless place, if you ask me. Take a look around - maybe you'll find something here that will spark your imagination, and put a new splash of colour on your view of the world.

A World of Imagination ...

My Library - Books and the Printed Word
Reading is definitely a part of imagination ... check out some of my favourite books, links to newspapers and magazines, and other cool stuff about anything in print!
Skating - Art, Sport, Magic
Figure skating has always been one of my passions - I don't skate myself, but I'm what you'd call a manical fan. Here are some links to my favourite skating sites on the web.
All the World's a Stage
I've been involved in drama and in love with the theatre almost my entire life. Here's some of the plays I've actually performed in, links to sites of my favourite plays, and other stuff.
Music Notes
I'm in love with music, especially anything with lyrics that will grab me. Thank God for the current crop of talented female artists of the Lilith ilk ...
Glint - Yaz's News and Views
My news and views on the happenings in the world of figure skating, as co-editor of Glint, a skating 'zine.
The Story Girl - Writing and Other Such Pursuits
I am a writer. I always have been and always will be. I can't seem to pick up a pen and not have an idea come to mind ... Here's some links to all things writing related.
Miscellaneous Links
Some fun links I've come across while web-surfing, sites referred to me by my friends ... just a bunch of cool links, basically. :)
The Media is the Message
Into every life, a little TV must fall. :) Here are some links to the sites of my fave TV shows and movies I've seen recently.
Moi - The Life of Yours Truly
Wanna know more about yours truly? Check this out ...
Yaz's Songs of the Month
I love song lyrics! I pride myself on having appropriate lyrics to fit every occasion. Here's some of the tunes I've been listening to lately.

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