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So, you call yourself a skating fan ...

Skateweb - The Figure Skating Page
If you're really a figure skating fan, you'll know all about this site already. If you're a newcomer, check it out - this is the be all and end all of skating weblinks.
Stars on Ice
SOI is the coolest skating tour around and this page has got tons of info on both the Canadian and the US legs of the tour. Bios, tour dates, music lists... it's all here.
Carefree on Ice
A fun Shockwave skating game. Be careful, though... it's addictive!
Glint - skating 'zine for the obsessed masses
Glint is the coolest skating 'zine out there. Why? Because I'm co-editor. :) Check out the page, designed by artist and friend of yours truly, Jen Tong, and then subscribe, 'cause Glint rocks!
Blades on Ice Online
This is the webpage of Blades on Ice mag, a bi-monthly skating glossy. It's a good place for news updates. I could say something about the quality of writing in Blades, but since I'm nice, I won't.
This is a sampling of postings from the skatefans mailing list ... It's the place to go for commentary from other fans, but be careful - they get a bit catty sometimes.

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Skating   -   Art,   Sport,   Magic

I'm not what you'd call the most athletic person in the world, but I have been a maniacal figure skating fan ever since I got glued to the 1998 Calgary Winter Olympics. I've been permanently stuck to the TV during any major competition (or even a minor one - hee) since then ... 1998 marks my tenth anniversary as a member of skating's obsessed masses - Happy Anniversary to Me! So maybe this season didn't turn out quite the way I would've liked. Next season's gonna rock. I'm telling you. And you'd better believe it, too. :)

More Links ...

Artistic Flair: Figure Skating Photography
Like the picture of my favourite skaters, Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz, above? It was taken by Rachel Handwerger, and you can view and order her wonderful pix at this site.
The Skater Chibis Webpage
"Chibis" is a style of Japanese animation - you know, the kind with the big eyes, that make all cartoons look childish and exaagerated? Well, on this page you'll find the cutest cartoon skaters ever.
J. Barry Mittan's Skating Photography
Skating photos to view and order from one of the sport's foremost photojournalists.
International Figure Skating Magazine
This is the webpage of IFS, a bi-monthly skating mag. The writing in this one is better than Blades, but there's still room for improvement. Hell, I should just start my own mag, eh? :)
International Skating Union
It's everyone's favourite governing body. :P Puh-lease, Ottavio and Co., get a life!
Canadian Figure Skating Association
This is the one I'm gonna take over once David Dore gets tired. Home of one of the best figure skating teams in the world. IMHO, of course. Hee hee. :)
Bourne and Kraatz - Sun Life's Site
I thought I might as well put this link on, considering it's not on Skateweb yet. It's basically a big ad for Sun Life, but hey, it's nicely laid out and there's some cute pictures, so what the heck?
The Exploding Pasha Page
Yeah, don't I wish. I'll create it someday. :) If you're trying to click this, stop. I put it in to fill up space and line things up. :)
Eastern Bloc Judges Go to Hell
Another space filler which I shall one day invent. If you people are actually clicking these links in hopes they exist, give up. The last two don't. :)