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Meant to Be

A Skating Romance
By Skate Fan

Meant to Be is a skating romance about an ice dance team who are trying to balance an off-ice romance with an on-ice partnership. The complications of love and life, as well as skating, are discovered as Emily and Mark try to figure out if it's possible to be together while being apart.

Before the story begins...

Some details to clear up before you begin reading...
Let's get to know the characters in this story...
Other Stuff
About the author, dedications, a soundtrack to go with the story, and other interesting tidbits...

The Story

Part I: Falling Tears
Part II: Together, Apart
Part III: Confidences
Part IV: Wait and See
Part V: Memories
Part VI: Partners, Alone
Part VII: One Love, Without the Other
Part VIII: Hope out of Sorrow
Part IX: Worth It?
Part X: Misunderstandings
Part XI: Coming Home
Part XII: Now and Forever
Part XIII: Renewed Laughter
Epilogue: Happily Ever After

If you enjoyed Meant to Be, try another skating story. If Your Heart Surrenders is the story of Isabella Litchman and Jason Morris, an acclaimed ice-dance team who find their relationship changing from friendship to romance. However, there are some major obstacles in their path - the biggest one being Colin Davenport, Belle's boyfriend. While on tour with a cast of other skaters, including Colin, Belle and Jay must deal with their growing feelings for each other and balance their secret affair with the stresses of skating life and hiding the truth from everyone around them.

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