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Emily Reyes and Mark Laurence are the perfect couple, a team in the
true meaning of the word.  An acclaimed ice dance team who have been
partners for over seven years, they fell in love and have been 
romantically involved for close to a year.  However, learning to
separate their on-ice career and their off-ice relationship has 
proved difficult for them.  The effects of Dance Team Romance 
Syndrome - the stresses of being a together in more ways that one -
leads to their break up, and Em and Mark must learn if it's possible
to be together while being apart.

"You were meant for me, and I was meant for you..."

You Were Meant For Me ~ Jewel

Are Emily and Mark truly meant for each other?  Will fate bring
them back together?  Read on to discover their story in 
Meant to Be.

If you enjoyed Meant to Be, try another skating story. If Your Heart Surrenders is the story of Isabella Litchman and Jason Morris, an acclaimed ice-dance team who find their relationship changing from friendship to romance. However, there are some major obstacles in their path - the biggest one being Colin Davenport, Belle's boyfriend. While on tour with a cast of other skaters, including Colin, Belle and Jay must deal with their growing feelings for each other and balance their secret affair with the stresses of skating life and hiding the truth from everyone around them.

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