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"Dreams last for so long
Even after you're gone
I know that you love me
And soon I know you will see
You were meant for me
And I was meant for you..."

You Were Meant For Me ~ Jewel

Meant to Be

Part IV - Wait and See

	Meanwhile, Emily managed to make it home without breaking 
down in tears.  She entered her apartment, took one look around, 
managed to find at least a dozen things that reminded her of Mark, 
and immediately burst out crying once again.  She finally was able
to restrain her emotions enough to pick up the phone, take a deep 
breath, and dial home.
	“Hello?”  After a few rings, her fifteen-year-old sister 
answered the phone back in her hometown of Willowdale.
	“Kelly?  Is that you?” Em asked shakily.
	“Em?” Kelly replied.  “Em, why haven’t you called all week?  
Too busy with Mark, right?  How is he?  I have so much to tell you!  
There’s a dance at school on Friday, and Mike Webber asked me out, 
and I got a new dress, and...”
	“Kelly, is Mom home?” Em interrupted.
	Kelly finally noticed that her older sister’s voice was 
shaking.  “Em?  Is something wrong?  Have you been crying?”
	“Kelly, is Mom there?” her sister repeated.
	“No, she’s not home,” Kelly responded.  “Something is 
wrong.  I can tell.  You don’t sound normal.  Em, tell me...”
	“Is Chris home?” Emily asked desperately, wondering if her 
older brother could possibly be visiting from his apartment, also in 
	“No, he’s not home, either,” came her little sister’s reply.  
“Em, you can tell me what’s wrong.  I’m fifteen.  I’m not a 
	Emily gave up.  There was no one else to talk to... and she 
had to tell someone.
	“You’ve been crying,” Kelly continued worriedly.  “Em, did 
something happen today?  Are you hurt?  Did something happen to Mark?”
	At the sound of her partner’s name, Em let out a muffled sob.
	“Em?” Kelly was getting scared now.  “Oh, my God, something 
is really wrong.  C’mon, Em.  Tell me.  Tell me now.  I 
can handle it.”
	“Mark and I... we... we...”  Em couldn’t complete the 
sentence.  She started crying yet again.  
	“Em, don’t tell me you guys broke up!” Kelly exclaimed in 
utter shock.
	Her sister just cried even harder.
	“You didn’t.  You couldn’t!” Kelly said in disbelief.  
“Em, how?  Em, why?”
	“Kel, everything just fell apart,” Em sobbed.  “And now he 
says that we can’t be together if we want our skating to work... and 
he’s right, but it’s so hard... Oh, Kelly, I’m such a mess!”
	“Oh, Em, I’m so sorry!” her little sister said sincerely.  
“Oh, God, this is so horrible.  I don’t know what to say.  Em, now I 
wish Mom was here.  She’d know what to say.  I don’t know.  I 
	“It’s okay, Kelly,” Em sniffed.  “I don’t want you to say 
anything.  Just... be there.  I just need someone to listen right 
	“Okay,” Kelly replied quietly.  “I’m here.”
	“It was so awful,” Em whispered.  “I was crying, and he was 
crying, and...”
	“He was crying?!” Kelly questioned incredulously.
	“Yeah,” Emily said.  “And he said he’d always love me... but 
now I don’t know what I’m going to do without him, and I can’t stop 
crying, and, oh, Kel, I’m just a total wreck.”
	“It’s okay,” her sister comforted.  “Em, you can be a 
wreck with me.  What are sisters for?”
	Emily couldn’t help laughing through her tears.  
	“Kelly, you’re amazing,” she told her.  “I love you to 
death.  I wish you were here always.”
	“No, you’d just get annoyed with me then,” Kelly told her.  
“Do you feel better now?”
	“A little,” Em said honestly.  “But I don’t know how I’m 
going to get through the next few days...”
	“You can call me any time,” Kelly told her.  “I mean, why did 
you want to talk to Chris?  This is girl talk.”
	Em smiled at her little sister’s serious tone.
	“Kelly, you almost make me forget,” she said with a sigh. 
“But I can never forget.  I don’t know if I want to forget...”
	“I thought you guys would get married,” Kelly said dreamily.  
“And I thought I’d get to be your bridesmaid.  And I thought Mark 
would make a great brother...”  She trailed off.  “I’m sorry, Em.  
I’m probably making you feel worse.”
	“No,” Em whispered.  “Because that’s what I thought, too.”
	“You were really in love with him, weren’t you?” her sister 
	“I am really in love with him,” Emily corrected, 
brushing away a lone tear.  “And I wish... I wish...”
	“You wish that dream would come true?” Kelly asked wisely.
	“Yeah,” Em sighed.  “But now it never will.  Oh, God, I’m 
not going to cry again... I’m not...”
	“No, you’re not,” Kelly agreed.  “Because if you still want 
the dream to come true, it will come true, Em, I’m telling 
you.  Just wait and see.  Things will end up right.”
	“You really think so?” Emily asked wistfully.
	“Well, you’ve gotten everything you’ve ever dreamed of, 
haven’t you?” Kelly reminded her.  “A perfect partner, a great 
career, all the medals you’ve ever wanted... and then a perfect 
romance... Em, you’ve got great luck.  Just wait and see.”
	“I hope so,” Em replied.  “Now were you saying something 
about going to a dance?”
	“Yeah, on Friday,” Kelly said.
	“Tell me all about it,” her older sister responded 
	And Kelly did.

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