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The    Media    is    the    Message

Well, we can't have a page without any entertainment links, can we? No way! I'm not a big TV watcher, but when I do watch TV, I tend to lean towards dramas - I have a thing for Canadian TV, and I'm also a major X-Phile - and steer away from movies-of-the-week. Here are some links to my recent favourite TV shows and movies.

TV is NOT Always Mindless Drivel! :)

The X-Files
I'm not a big sci-fi person, and I don't believe in aliens (I think ...), but I am definitely a devoted X-Phile. Stay up to date on the going-ons of Mulder and Scully at the show's official site.
Due South
I love Due South. The fact that it is too Canuck for its own good suits me, and then there's Paul Gross - wow! :) It's hilarious, and has real insight into Canadian-U.S. relationship.
E.R. is one of the highest quality dramas out there today, IMO. Sure, it gets soapy, but it's fun! And hey, I'd go into medicine, too, if I knew a Carter-type was gonna come along. :)
Caroline in the City
An amusing little sitcom. Richard's sarcasm is the best. They're starting to exasperate me, though - how long can the Richard/Caroline tension go on without anything happening?!
Okay, so the last episode wasn't anything great. May Seinfeld live on in endless, continuous reruns! :)
Another clever sitcom with fantastic writing. How does NBC do it? Plus, I love Daphne and Niles - very cute. :)
I regret to say I haven't watched a single episode of Friends this entire season, but I'll probably watch the season finale. They always manage to keep me at least slightly curious.
The CBC is Canada's national network, and a lot of my former favourite shows have come from here. Road to Avonlea, Anne of Green Gables, Street Legal, Side Effects ... the list goes on.
Dawson's Creek
Okay, yeah, so I love this teen soap. It's *really* cleverly written, and these "kids" can actually act! So yeah, they talk like thirty-five year olds, but so what? :)
One of my favourite shows of the new '98-'99 TV season is this drama that critics everywhere are raving about. It is *not* Ally McBeal Goes to College! Check it out.
One of the funniest, cutest new shows of the season, but its 10 p.m. on Saturday nights timeslot is going to kill it if everyone doesn't start checking it out and falling in love with it quick!

Movies and Stuff

One True Thing
The last movie I saw was this chickflick which I was *very* impressed with. It should definitely be taken into consideration come Oscar time. Oh, and the book it's based on is excellent as well.
I haven't seen this one yet, but the critics have been raving and calling this movie stuff like, "A modern-day 'Wizard of Oz'... sure to become a classic." Well, wow. :) This site is cute, too.
I love Disney movies. Doesn't everyone? No matter how hard anyone tries no one will ever be able to make animated features of the same quality.

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